Friday, 9 June 2017

Amazing Customers' Products 2017

#1 Capital Bee

Dr Evils' nearby nuclear plant did wonders for honey output.
This may be the biggest pacifist bee (for largest killer bee see: Worlds Largest Killer Bee, Hidalgo Texas ) and it's just up the road from us at the Eden Project it's well worth a visit if you are in Cornwall. As you can see she is happily pollenating plants and never laying eggs in the brains of tourists.

The eyes really follow you around the room
We are loving those fibreglass compound eyes produced from our very own resin, which you can see
here ready to be installed. Thanks to Louise and the team at Eden for the photos.

#2 Extreme Airfix

Mum, can i hang it from the ceiling?
It's questions you would never think of asking but we have the answers. What do you do when you need to train ground crew to move around a fighter jet that doesn't exist? How do you even build a